Your eBay Business Policies are incomplete or outdated 37

Full error name: “eBay Error [37]: Your eBay Business Policies are incomplete or outdated

May 3, 2023


This error means that you need to update your eBay business policies.


To find your eBay business policies:

  1. Access
  2. Go to your Account Settings (on the high left corner of the page)
  3. Under “Selling” category pick “Business Policies” to access your policies backend.

Once in the business policy backend, you need to:

  • Create from scratch your Shipping, Payment, and Return policies.
  • Or edit the existing one. Save changes once done.

Once you set your business policies inside your eBay account, you should select them in Nembol:

  1. Open your Channels tab
  2. Click on the Settings next to the eBay icon.
  3. Click on the “List to eBay settings”
  4. Under Postage, Payment, and Return policies, select the three eBay policies you wish to use, one per each type – See the screenshot.
  5. Save and retry the publication.
error 37

Note: If you use calculated shipping, don't forget to provide your Postal code.