No pictures on Facebook posts

Updated on May 30, 2024

Full error name: “I can’t see pictures in my Facebook posts


You just posted a product via Nembol, but the post is missing the picture. Instead, you just see a gray square.

facebook pictures


Upload a smaller picture.

Please note that Facebook has size recommendations and size limits regarding the dimension of the picture in pixels and the dimension of the image file in Megabytes.

The limits and recommendations are different for nearly every type of picture you can upload in different places and functions on Facebook.

Therefore, whenever you have a file error:

  1. The first thing to do is delist the products from Facebook and retry after a bit, just in case you bumped into a server hiccup.
  2. The second is to try with a different image, ideally smaller. Images can be up to 8MB in size.

Note that Nembol DOES NOT modify your images: we receive, store and share them exactly as you upload them in Nembol.