How to add multiple images to the CSV

How to add images to the CSV file?

To add the product images to the CSV, you need to use links:

Basically, you need to add the product images to a hoster system (such as Dropbox, or Google Photo) which will generate a link connected with the images.

Once you get the images, you can add fill the image column of the CSV with the image’s links. Nembol accepts images from Dropbox, Cloudinary, and even Google Photos.

While systems like Google Drive cannot be used because it doesn’t provide public links fully accessible.

Please note:

To generate a public link with Google Photo, you should use tools. There are plenty of them on the internet. We suggest using this one.

How to add multiple images?

 To add several images in the additional_image column, you need to separate the links with commas and no spaces –> e.g,,