Quantity sync

How to use Nembol's Quantity Sync function?

How to turn the inventory sync ON or OFF

You can access the channel settings by clicking on the grey settings button next to a given channel.

Each channel’s settings have a switch that controls the Quantity Sync.

  1. Turn it ON, and you will activate the inventory sync from that given channel

  2. Inventory sync to a channel is instead always ON when that channel is connected to Nembol (i.e. you are logged in);

This means that, for example, if you turn the inventory sync OFF from Shopify, but ON from eBay:

  • If you get a sale for some product in Shopify, this sale will not change the quantity of that product in Nembol nor in other channels;

  • If you get a sale for the same product on eBay, this will be reflected in an inventory reduction for that product in Nembol and in all connected channels, including Shopify of course.

Remember to always save the settings!setting

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Important points about Stock Sync in Nembol

Products must be listed or linked via Nembol

Nembol can keep in sync only products imported in Nembol from a channel and/or exported from Nembol to a channel.

This means that it is not enough to connect a channel to Nembol and activate the sync to have items’ quantity synced: the items have to be published via Nembol (or imported in Nembol) for the system to work.

Channels must stay connected all the time

Inventory sync across channels works only when they are actually connected to Nembol. This means that when you are not logged in, sync does not happen and cannot be updated even if you log-in later: sales sync is lost forever and will require a manual update.

Inventory sync is for sales only

Inventory sync works only upon sales. This means that if you edit a quantity in eBay, or Amazon, or Etsy, or WooCommerce, this edit will not be transmitted to Nembol, nor to other channels. Same with the exception of Shopify (Nembol supports edits done in Shopify).

Inventory sync is just about item quantity. Nembol will not sync title or description edits nor other edits. If you periodically need to update your items’ descriptions, or titles, or other aspects, do it in Nembol: edits done in Nembol will in fact be exported to all channels.

Edits done in Nembol will be duplicated to all channels as soon as they are connected, and will overwrite older versions.

How to restock items

If you need to restock items, do it either in Shopify, if you are a Shopify user, or in Nembol.