Channel function setup: Shopify

Edit from Shopify

To use the edit from Shopify function and bulk edit Shopify products directly on your Shopify backend, all you need to do is:

  1. Access to the Nembol Channel Tab.

  2. Click on settings next to the Shopify icon.

  3. Switch ON the “edit from Shopify” function.

  4. Remember to save.

edit from shopify

If you want to apply the edits made on Shopify to other channels as well, all you need to do is switch ON the Edit from Nembol function in the settings of the channels you want to update accordingly.

This way, all the changes you make will be automatically implemented and synced across channels. 

If you want to keep content independent, leave the “edit from Nembol” switch OFF.

Once you’ve set your channel(s), you’ll be able to update your listings into Shopify and consequently have your edits on Nembol and across the chosen channels.