How to connect Etsy to Nembol

Follow those steps to connect your Etsy store to Nembol.

  1. Log to Nembol and open the Channels Tab
  2. Click on the green login button next to the Etsy icon
  3. You will be redirected to a login page on Etsy’s website where you shall type your Etsy username, and password to sign in
  4. Grant access to the Nembol application. Please click “Allow Access”, and note that: Etsy will not allow your login if your Etsy account is not complete with a credit card, and a bank account associated 
  5. After you click “Allow Access” on Etsy, the login process will bring you back to Nembol, where you can now adjust your settings

Please note:

• At the moment, Nembol has no option to have variations without a quantity attached per variation. Meaning that if you have created your listing with stock only at the parent level and the "quantities vary" setting is OFF while importing Nembol will switch it ON automatically and assign stock per variation. Read more here
• You can connect, and manage up to 2 Etsy accounts in Nembol. You have to log consistently into Nembol with the same Etsy account on the same Etsy store.
• Do not switch the accounts.
• If you only have one Etsy account do not activate the additional Etsy configuration. It could happen that by changing the store name, you may not be able to access back to the previous configuration. In this case, contact us and ask for a reset instead.

Etsy settings setup

Quantity sync from Etsy

You can set Nembol to update your inventory quantities upon the sale from Etsy.

Turn“ON” the Quantity sync from Etsy, and Nembol will update all your connected ecommerce channels with the change of inventory in your Etsy account when you receive an order in Etsy.

Please note: If you, or a third-party apps, manually update your inventory in Etsy, this change will NOT be reflected in Nembol, nor in other channels. Only orders will trigger a change in inventory across channels.

Turn it “OFF” if you don’t wish to receive stock updates upon the sale from Etsy.

Edit from Nembol

Turn it “ON” if you wish to edit your listings details from Nembol centrally, and have those edits spread on your corresponding Etsy listings. 

With this setup when you edit a listing in Nembol: change description, edit title, tags, or pictures, and click save, — those edits will update your Etsy listing.

Turn it “OFF” if you don’t wish to update your Etsy listings from Nembol.

List to Etsy

Under List to Etsy there are many settings. Let’s dive into it!

1. State who made what you are selling

In compliance with Etsy rules, you need to state whether you, a member of your team, or another company/person has made the item you’re selling. By requiring sellers to state who made the product in a sale, Etsy ensures that a product is truly handmade, vintage, or unique, and not something mass-produced or manufactured.

2. State when the item was made

If you list an item that is not self-made it has to be older than 20 years. Etsy’s rule regarding vintage items states that they must be at least 20 years old. This means that in order to be considered vintage and sold on the platform, an item must have been manufactured or produced 20 years prior to the current date.

3. State whether you want to set your listings as “active” or “draft” 

By publishing as “drafts” you won’t be charged for the Etsy listing fees until you don’t decide to activate the listings. By publishing listings as “active” you get automatically charged according to the Etsy listing fees.

4. Flag “On” at the Craft supply setting, if you are selling supplies (materials, ingredients, parts of some product, or tools that use useful to build that product )

5. Set an automated pricing rule just for Etsy

Set a % discount or % price raise what will change your prices only on Etsy listings. This setting will apply to all subsequent listings, but will also update your prices when you make an edit on the product in Nembol or you receive an order in Etsy. Check the Etsy price-adjust tutorial blog post.

6. Select your preferred Etsy Shipping profile

This setting will apply to all subsequent listings. Nembol gets your shipping profiles from your Etsy account. 

7. Select the return policy to assign to your listings

8. Select in which Etsy category you wish your items to be listed

Nembol makes it available for you to choose the categories you used for your latest 200 Etsy listings. Otherwise, you can leave the default *Automatic, and Nembol Artificial Intelligence will automatically assign listings to the best-fitting category, based on the category in the source channel or the product title.

Read this article on How to automatically assign products to Etsy categories -> 

9. Pick an Etsy shop section to list in

Once done, remember to Save changes, and you’re ready to list on Etsy. 

Import from Etsy

Nembol can share your existing Etsy listings on additional channels. But first, you have to import your Etsy listings into Nembol.

Larger Nembol plans allow you to filter products by:

  • Status you wish to import in Nembol
  • And from what Shop Sections

These settings can be used in a few smart ways by proficient Etsy and Nembol users. For instance:

  • Create an Etsy collection dedicated to products you wish to share on other channels. Import only that section into Nembol: save $ and time
  • Import a specific section into Nembol, then list on channels. Once done, you can change Etsy import setting, and click import again. Now you’ll have a second group of listings in Nembol imported from Etsy.

Please note: Nembol will not import again the same items from the same channel (unless you previously deleted it from Nembol). Therefore, you’ll have no duplicates.

Click here to read about the most common errors with listings and how to fix them.

Edit listings in Etsy

You can edit your products directly from your Etsy Store Manager, and have those edits shared to Nembol, and your other connected channels (this function is optional).

Compared to the edit from Shopify setting, there are two main differences to pay attention to:

  • The switch is placed within the Etsy import settings
  • The edits are not applied automatically on listings, but have to be imported by clicking on the “Get products” button

How to use edit from Etsy:

  1. Log to Nembol
  2. Click on settings next to the Etsy icon
  3. Open the “Import from Etsy” tab
  4. Switch ON the “Import updates” function (as shown in the screenshot)
  5. Click “Save changes”
  6. Edit your listings in Etsy
  7. Open the Channels Tab
  8. Click on the “Get products” button on the hand-right side of the page
  9. Nembol will update your edited listings and import the new ones. No worries, this won’t import duplicates!

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