Channel reset


If you changed your stores' name or password

Solution: contact us, and we will reset your channel login credentials.

If you close the store "A", or wish to connect a different one


  1. Delist all the products listed to other channels from the store “A”
  2. Delete products from Nembol that were imported from store “A”
  3. Fix the errors of the products on the “A” store 
  4. Write us asking for a Channel reset
  5. Done

If you want to keep your listings listed, and still get a reset

If you need to switch and connect to different accounts from the one you initially associated with Nembol, you can contact customer support and ask for a reset.

This is a paid additional feature we provide upon request. Please check the dedicated field in our pricing plan.

With this option, all your listed listings will stay active on the channel (store), and you will be able to connect a different store. And list even more. 

Contact us to proceed. 

Note: it is not possible to reset a source channel. Source channel is the channel you run your imports from; and list on several channels later.

The only way to reset your source channel is by delisting everything, and removing all imported products from Nembol, or asking for a paid cleanup.

Please contact our support for more.