Bulk editor

What is Bulk editor?

Nembol lets you easily edit your products centrally for all your sales channels. When editing any listing detail on Nembol, they will be updated automatically on all connected channels.
No more editing listings one by one, no more delist-edit-relist processes, no more wasted time, no more errors, or double listing fees.

Nembol bulk-edits content on:
Shopify, eBay, Etsy, WooCommerce, and Amazon.

Mass editing of multiple listings

Use a CSV file to quickly update up to thousands of listings:

  • Export and import your products

  • Use Excel/Numbers to update listings

  • Have Nembol automatically sync the edits

And you can decide in each channel’s settings if you want to update product content for that channel, or not. Optimize content for each channel, and get the best out of your multichannel business.

Mass-edit product information

Central edit works on every type of product content:

  • Titles and descriptions

  • Prices, inventory, SKUs

  • Pictures, Codes, Tags, and Variations

This is a massive improvement to sellers’ productivity, ease of publishing, and peace of mind. Nembol is a fast and reliable sync software and will help you effectively increase your market reach.

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