Oh dear you cannot sell this item on Etsy

Complete error description: “Oh dear, you cannot sell this item on Etsy” after publishing a listing with Nembol.


The error: “Oh dear, you can’t sell this item on Etsy” is returned by Etsy and is due to their restrictions on items that sellers can sell on Etsy.

At the moment, on Etsy you can sell:

  • Handmade Items (stuff done by yourself or somebody in your company).

  • Craft Supplies, components, materials or tools that people may use to make their creations

  • Vintage Goods (20 years old or more).

Please make sure your items fall under one of these 3 categories before listing with Nembol.

On Etsy, it’s possible to list items not created by you if you have a “Production Partner”, but at this time, Nembol doesn’t support this field.


After verifying that you are allowed to sell your items on Etsy, change your “List to Etsy” settings accordingly.