Listing titles are limited to “80” characters

Complete error message: Listing titles are limited to “80” characters. ErrorCode: 70


On eBay, listing titles are limited to 80 characters. This can turn out as a problem when you’re bulk listing products that you exported from another channel, where the allowed title length is much longer compared to eBay.

Solution: Activate the “Shorten Titles” function

This problem can be easily solved for all your present and future listings.

All you need to do is to activate the Shorten Titles function. With this function active, Nembol will:

  1. Automatically shorten your title to a number of characters smaller than 80;

  2. Avoid truncating any words;

How to activate the Shorten Titles function

  1.  Access the Channels Tab.

  2. Open eBay’s settings.

  3. Expand the List to eBay section.

  4. Turn on the “Shorten Titles” function.

  5. Save.

With this function activated, your titles will be automatically shortened to the maximal allowed length.