How to delist products?

Follow these steps in order to delist:

  1. Select your products in bulk
  2. Click “Actions”
  3. Choose “Delist” from the Actions menu
  4. Select all channels and click “Delist products”. This will not delist your products from the source channel.

If you disconnect a channel from Nembol, you won't be able to run delist action. You have to be logged into the channel in order to successfully delist your products from it.

If you are logged in to a channel and still can’t delist, it may be because your tokens are old, or because you used different users on the same channel and are now logged in with the wrong one.

Solution: try to log out from that channel in Nembol and log in again. Pay attention to use the correct user.


How to delete products inside a channel?

If you delete/move some listings directly in any channel: Nembol has no way to know it. So Nembol thinks those listings are still there.

This causes nothing besides the fact that at the first edit of any of those listings, Nembol will receive an error back from this channel saying “Hey, this listing is not here anymore” and the listing will STOP syncing.

The latter is important for you IF and only if any of those listings are also on other channels.

Solution: delist listings with Nembol.

  1. Select your listings in Nembol
  2. Choose “Delist” from the Actions menu
  3. Select the channels you wish to delist from
  4. Confirm action. This will delete the listing from the chosen channels.

How to delete the Sold-outs from Nembol?

To delete a listing in Nembol, you must first delist it from all channels where you actually listed it with Nembol.

This does not include the source channel of course.

The above may be impractical at times, as sellers may want to keep some specific listings on some specific channels also if they are in sold-out status. In this case consider keeping those sold-out products on Nembol for now, so that you don’t trigger any un-syncing of any sort.

Duplicate in Nembol

If you duplicate your products in Nembol, it will have the unpublished status. 

You can use this product as a product template, using it as a base for creating new products in Nembol. 

Once satisfied, you can publish this product on multiple channels. 

Please note: since this product has “inactive” status, the source channel will be Nembol.

Export TXT for Google Merchant

Follow the steps:

  1. Go to your Products tab
  2. Bulk select the products you want to export
  3. Click “Export”
  4. Select “Export for Google Merchant”
  5. Choose a dedicated folder in your computer
  6. Click “Export”
  7. Done! 

Please note: you can also use .CSV to import your products into Google Merchant.

Export .CSV

How to export products via CSV file?

Follow the steps: 

  1. Go to your Products tab
  2. Bulk select the products you want to export
  3. Click “Export”
  4. Select “Export CSV file”

You will have options:

  • Export all listing details
  • Or inventory only (SKU-code, GTIN, ASIN, quantity, and price)

Choose the one that suits your needs and click “Export products”.