All combinations of property values must be supplied

Complete error description: “All combinations of property values must be supplied”


The error: “All combinations of property values must be supplied” is returned by Etsy if you try to publish a product with variants but do not provide all combinations of variants.

For example, you may have a product with 2 colors (Yellow and Blue) and two sizes (S, M).

This generates 4 variants:

  • Yellow/M

  • Yellow/S

  • Blue/M

  • Blue/S


Many users importing into Etsy from Shopify or eBay may have deleted one or more of these variants, because they went out of stock or because they never had them in the first place.

In this case, you must edit your product in Nembol to reintroduce the missing variant, otherwise, Etsy will return you an error and reject your product from publication.

Assign an inventory-quantity of 0 to the variants you don’t have on stock.

Note: if you then get an error “Quantity must be above 0”, make sure that the first variation has a positive quantity.
Etsy blocks listings if the first product variant is out-of-stock.

So, make sure the first variant has a quantity above 0. Subsequent variants can be out-of-stock.

how to supply all the combinations of variations