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How to connect eBay to Nembol

The following steps will help you connecting your eBay store to Nembol.

  1. Login to Nembol, then open the Channels Tab
  2. Click on the green Login button next to the eBay icon.
  3. The system will automatically open an eBay authorization page. Don’t worry if you don’t see your eBay Locale right away: eBay login is centralized for all Locales.
  4. Please sign in using your eBay name and password. No worries, no one will have access to your information.
  5. eBay will ask you to grant authorization to Nembol to operate on eBay on your behalf. Click “Agree”
  6. After a few seconds, the system will bring you back to Nembol, and Nembol eBay settings window will open.
  7. Now let’s see your eBay settings one by one.

At the moment you can connect, and manage, up to 2 eBay accounts at the same time in Nembol.

eBay settings in Nembol

eBay settings in Nembol

Quantity sync from eBay

Nembol can synchronize inventory from your eBay to:

  • Amazon
  • Up to Two Shopify stores
  • Another eBay account
  • WooCommerce
  • Up to two Etsy stores
  • Meta Catalog (Facebook Shops and Instagram Shopping). 

Turn Quantity sync from eBay “ON”, if you wish to receive stock updates from eBay. With this setup, when you get an order in eBay, this order will be communicated to Nembol, and your quantity will be updated accordingly in Nembol and in other channels connected to Nembol.

Turn this setting “OFF” if you don’t wish to receive stock updates from eBay.

Please note that Nembol does not sync manual stock updates done in eBay. Nembol syncs only stock changes due to orders you received.

Edit from Nembol

Turn it “ON” if you wish to edit your listing details from Nembol centrally, and have those edits syndicated to your corresponding eBay listing.

With this setup, when you edit a listing in Nembol, for instance change a description, edit a title, tags, or pictures, those edits will update your corresponding eBay listing.

Turn Edit from Nembol “OFF”, if you don’t wish to update your eBay listings from Nembol.

Please note that Nembol does not manage all eBay product information fields, specifically eBay product specifications are outside Nembol scope at the time being. Sellers can update eBay Product Specs in bulk within their eBay seller account.

Also note that Nembol does not manage the whole set of HTML commands allowed inside eBay. Some commands will be purged, either by Nembol or by some connected channel.

Therefore if you make extended use of HTML inside your eBay descriptions, we strongly advise you to keep Edit from Nembol “OFF”, or to test with a few products first if you want it ON.

The risk is to edit your eBay descriptions in bulk in an unwanted fashion.

List to eBay

Define how you want your products listed to eBay from Nembol, and pick 3 business policies to associate with your listings (Shipping, Payment, Return).

If you want to use calculated Shipment, don’t forget to specify your Postal Code.

Note that eBay is very strict in defending their buyers (and yours too) by requiring sellers to have the declared item location, their shipping and return policies, all consistent with the declared Postal Code. This set of requirements designed to make life difficult for scammers. Be patient!

Besides business policies, other settings which can help you grow your business or save time are:

  • Select the Listing Type – pick between “Auction” and “Buy now”.
  • Define a product Condition – between New, Second hand, and others.
  • Set a listing Duration.
  • Turn Out of stock “ON” or “OFF”. Out of stock “ON” will preserve your eBay listing ID also if your item goes out-of-stock, maybe due to sales on other channel. This way, when the item becomes again available, your eBay listing will turn on again, and be connected with Nembol and other channels. 
  • Insert a “Title prefix” – This enables sellers to add a same string of text or numbers at the beginning of all their eBay titles. It ideal for branded sellers, which must add the product brand inside their eBay titles, but not inside their Shopify or WooCommerce titles.
  • Apply a Price rule – This simple pricing function is ideal for sellers to introduce price differences among channels, or to apply temporary discounts or price raises for a specific channel. You can change prices for eBay up or down, by percentage, or by fixed amount.
  • Add a VAT rate – European eBays, and some other eBay Locales, require sellers to define the VAT rate to be applied to each of their products. With Nembol you can do this by product one by one, or in bulk using the VAT rate field here. This field provides a default VAT rate to your account as a whole. Product-specific VAT rates typed in each product will overwrite this default.
  • Automatically Shorten titles – this function will cut your title length if it exceeds what accepted by eBay, so that your listings will not be blocked nor sent in error.
  • Limit listing quantities is useful to manage eBay selling limits. With this command, a seller can set a quantity cap, which will apply to each one of their SKUs. Set it at say 10, and Nembol will list 10 stock even if you have 300 pieces per SKU. When actual stock falls below the cap, the actual stock will be published. Note that Inventory Sync will keep working even with Limit listing quantities “ON”.

List in a specific eBay category

Nembol will list your products in one eBay category, taking advantage of eBay automated categorizer. 

This system works by using, per each of your products, the keywords contained in its Category field in Nembol, and automatically assigns each product to the most relevant eBay category. If a product’s Category field happens to be empty, Nembol will use its title instead.

If you find that your products are categorized wrongly in eBay, check what you typed in the Category field or, if empty consider filling it or otherwise reviewing product titles to make so that an Artificial Intelligence can guess in what category the product belongs.

Read about Automatic categories when bulk-listing on eBay ->

Import from eBay

Here you can select what type of your eBay listings you wish to import inside Nembol.

Starting from the Pro Plan and up, you can filter products for import by:

  • Their listing status (Active, Sold and unsold, All)
  • The listing type (Auction, Buy now, All)
  • Their eBay location (form where you wish to get your listings)

Some users publish different products (or different prices) on different eBay sites. You can pick and share what is best for you!

  • You can also choose whether you wish to keep you eBay HTML formatting at import or not

If you switch “Import eBay descriptions in HTML format”, Nembol will import your HTML and will take care of transferring it to other channels when possible.

Please note that no other channel accepts  the whole lot of HTML commands you are allowed to use inside eBay. Therefore, if you go multi-channel starting from eBay, at the beginning you may have a harsh time progressively cleaning your eBay html templates.

For instance Etsy accepts no HTML, neither does Amazon. Shopify accepts a smaller set of HTML commands as opposed to eBay. This will require some effort from your side, and make so that your eBay listings will not look the same when transferred on multiple channels.

Going multichannel from eBay may require a few minutes of work per product.

Note: not all channels and not HTML editors accept the same amount of HTML, therefore the results may not always be smooth. Try with one listing before going bulk on hundreds of listings.

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