Channel function setup: eBay

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Let’s have a look at the eBay settings available in Nembol:

Quantity sync from eBay

Nembol can synchronize inventory from eBay to Shopify, Amazon, WooCommerce, Storenvy, and Etsy, every time you get an order in eBay. Note that you have to activate the same setting in all other channels where you would like to sync. More on that here: sync your inventory across channels.

Edit from Nembol

turn it “On”, and the product edits you make or import in Nembol (from Shopify) will be synchronized to your eBay listings. Note that the update does not work if you edit your listing in eBay. This feature isn’t available, at the moment.

List to eBay

define how you want your products listed on eBay and pick 3 business policies to associate with your listings (return, shipping, payment).

If you want to use calculated business policies, don’t forget to specify your Postal Code. Besides business policies, you can set rules like:

  • listing type
  • duration
  • condition
  • automatically shorten titles
  • apply a title prefix
  • apply a price discount/raise for this channel
  • and more.

Import from eBay

: select what of your eBay listings you wish to import inside Nembol. Starting from the Pro Plan, you can filter products to import by

  • their listing status (Active, Sold, and unsold, All)
  • the listing type (Auction, Buy now, All)
  • From what eBay location you wish to get your listings.

Some users publish different products or different prices on different eBay sites, we allow them to pick and share what is best for them.

You can also choose whether you wish to keep you eBay HTML formatting. If you flag “Import html description”, Nembol will import your HTML and take care of transferring it at best in the next channels. Bear in mind that not all channels accept the same type of HTML, therefore the results may not be always perfect.

ebay setup