Channel function setup: Facebook Catalog

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Facebook Shops setup with Nembol

This is how you connect the correct Catalog to your Nembol account. Start in the Channels Tab in Nembol:

1. Click on “login” next to Facebook Shops. You will be taken to Facebook.
2. Click on "Continue as + your Name".
3. On the second step, click on "Manage Authorizations" (see first screenshot below).
4. Deselect every business page, except for the one that has the Catalog you want to publish the products to (see second screenshot below). This step is really important.
5. Leave “Catalog Management” ON.
6. Confirm. You will be taken back to Nembol.
7. In Nembol, select the specific catalog (third screenshot below).
8. Done!

fb catalog import

Click on the blue link in the middle of the screen to choose the catalog.

fb catalog 3

Fully Authorize Nembol to manage your catalog. Leave only one business page active.

Nembol settings allow you to list on your Facebook catalog of choice and select your currency.

If you connected the wrong business account, and you can’t see your Catalog, follow these steps to clear the connection between Facebook and Nembol, and start from scratch.

How to export on FB Catalog using Nembol

Now that your new channel is connected to Nembol, the process of listing products is as simple as for any other channel:

1. Select one or multiple products in Nembol.
2. Click on the Actions button > “Publish”.
3. Select one or more channels.
4. Confirm.
5. Wait a few seconds and click on the eye icon to see the results

list on fb instagram shops
fb functions setup

Facebook catalogs allows you to manage your pictures and product content, and has some constraints.

Once this is complete, your catalog has to be approved by Facebook, which happens pretty quickly, and will be published on your Facebook page and Instagram account of choice.

Good luck!

What are Facebook constraints

1. You must have a brand or a barcode.
2. Pictures need to be at least 500 pixels wide.

You can also use a .csv file to upload on FB Catalogs

Before the release of Facebook Shops as a channel, you could already upload your products on Facebook Catalog with a different method, namely using a Facebook-ready .csv file, downloaded from your Nembol account.

This method is still valid, although outdated at this point. We will link it here below, because you may prefer this way, or just to see the difference.