How to upload digital files to Etsy


Import products to Etsy in bulk

Currently, Nembol does not work with digital products. However, you can still transfer your listings in bulk on Etsy and attach the digital file afterward.

  1. Connect your channels to Nembol
  2. Connect the source channel (the one you want to import products from)
  3. Connect Etsy to Nembol
  4. Set your “List to Etsy” settings 
  5. Open the Product Tab
  6. Select the products to list
  7. Click on Actions > Publish > Etsy
  8. And you’re done!

How to upload digital files to Etsy

Whether you have listed manually or using Nembol, you can still attach your digital file once your products are on your Etsy backend.

  1. Open your product
  2. Scroll down to the “Details” Tab
  3. Next to “Physical Listing” Click on “Change”

4. Switch it from “Physical item” to “Digital files”

change Etsy listing from physical to digital

5. Confirm your choice by clicking on “Yes, Apply”

6. Scroll up to “Digital Files” to upload the downloadable file

7. Click on “Publish Changes” to confirm

8. You’re done! Check your Active Listing folder if your listing has the “Digital” label!