My login fails

Complete error description: “My login fails – “Ooops, something went wrong”


In practical terms, you get a screen that says “Ooops, something went wrong”, but our team has been working on improving our interpretations and display of errors and exceptions returned by Etsy servers.

The login failure on Etsy is typical because your Etsy account is not ready to sell, and Etsy will block your login via Nembol.


Solution: Complete your Etsy account

  • Upload a credit card to Etsy (to pay their fees)

  • Set a bank account in Etsy (to get paid for your sales)

These actions are performed inside, not in Nembol, and of course, Nembol never gets to hold or see any of your payment data.

Once you’ve done both, login will work. If it still doesn’t, it is a connection issue. Servers sometimes fail, just be patient and try again in a few minutes.

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