How to connect Amazon to Nembol

Here below you will find the instructions to connect your Amazon account to Nembol.

Be aware that:

  • Nembol works with every local Amazon venue
  • You need to be a Pro Seller to connect any app to Amazon

Please note: Nembol doesn’t integrate with Amazon Handmade, and Amazon FBA. You cannot use Nembol as barcode-exempted. We don't support Node-IDs at the moment.

Now let’s connect your Amazon to Nembol:

  1. Make sure you’re logged in to your Amazon Seller Central with the same browser that you are using with Nembol
  2. Go to the Channels Tab in Nembol
  3. Click on the “Login” button next to Amazon to start the setup 
  4. Once you have clicked on Proceed, a new window will open. You will be redirected to your Seller Central
  5. Authorize Nembol and click on Confirm -> See the first screenshot below
  6. If you have multiple Merchants, you will be asked to pick one. Select your main Marketplace as well -> See the second screenshot
  7. Once completed, you will be taken back to Nembol and the Amazon settings will open. Let’s setup now!

Amazon settings setup

Quantity sync from Amazon

Turn it “ON” if you wish to receive stock updates from Amazon.

With this setup when you get an order in Amazon, this order will be communicated to Nembol, — your quantity will be updated in Nembol, and in other connected channels.

Turn it “OFF” if you don’t wish to receive stock updates from Amazon upon the sale.

Edit from Nembol

Turn it “ON” if you wish to edit your listings details from Nembol centrally, and have those edits spread on your corresponding Amazon listings.

With this setup when you edit a listing in Nembol: change description, edit title, tags, or pictures, and click save, — those edits will update your Amazon listing.

Turn it “OFF” if you don’t wish to update your Amazon listings from Nembol.

List to Amazon

  • If you don’t have ASINs

At the moment you can list to Amazon only products that have ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number). It is a 10-character identifier assigned by Amazon for product identification within Amazon. 

If your products doesn’t have ASINs associated with them, don’t worry!

You can create them within Amazon Seller Central, then you can import them inside Nembol and sync with other channels, edit and manage.

  • If you have ASINs

If your products already have ASINs associated with them, you’re almost ready to go. Let’s setup a couple of things more:

  1. Select the Shipping Template. Leave the field blank and Nembol will list your products using the Default Shipping Template defined inside your Amazon Seller Central. If you otherwise wish to use a different Shipping Template, type in the field its exact name. Best if you copy-paste it from your Seller Central account. Make sure the name in Amazon and Nembol is identical, otherwise listing will return an error. Once chosen, the Shipping Template will be applied to your next listings. Any change you make now won’t affect your previous listings.
  2. Set condition. Set which condition you wish to list on Amazon: new, used, or others from the list
  3. Set pricing rules. Choose whether to apply the Pricing rules to your Amazon listings. Read here how to use Pricing rules ->
  4. Choose marketplace. Set the marketplace where you wish to list your products. 
  5. Save changes, you’re ready to go!

Import from Amazon

You can choose from which Marketplace you wish to import your Amazon listings into Nembol, and then list them on multiple channels: eBay, Shopify, Etsy, WooCommerce, Meta, and other supported channels

Currently there are no import filters for Amazon. Therefore, by clicking "Get products" Nembol will import ALL the products you have in your Amazon, including sold-out and inactive items