Article latest update: August 18, 2023


How to connect Amazon to Nembol

In this article, you can find the instructions to connect your Amazon Pro Seller account to Nembol.

Please note that Amazon is a complicated channel for all of us, so take the time to read the exceptions below and please take advantage of Nembol free trial to test before subscribing to any Nembol paid plan.


  1. Nembol works with most but not all Amazon locales. There may be exceptions due to Amazon platform workings.
  2. You need to be an Amazon Pro Seller to connect Nembol to Amazon (i.e. you must be paying Amazon a monthly subscription).
  3. Nembol does not work with Amazon Handmade at this time.
  4. Nembol does not work with FBA listings at this time. I.e. Nembol does not get inventory count, nor sync inventory to FBA listings.
  5. Nembol does not list on Amazon products new to Amazon catalog. I.e. you can’t use Nembol to list products that Amazon hasn’t before verified and assigned to an Amazon category.
  6. All products must have a genuine GTIN to list or sync with Amazon. No barcode exceptions work at this time.

Please note: Nembol doesn’t integrate with Amazon Handmade, nor Amazon FBA. You cannot use Nembol to list as barcode-exempted.

Let's connect your Amazon to Nembol

  1. Make sure you’re logged in to your Amazon Seller Central with the same browser that you are using with Nembol
  2. Go to the Channels Tab in Nembol
  3. Click on the “Login” button next to Amazon to start the connection 
  4. Read instructions on the overlay window, select your Seller Central country, then click “Get started”. You will be redirected to Amazon Seller Central, where you have to login using your Pro Seller username and password.
  5. If you have multiple Amazon Merchants, you will be asked to pick one. Select your main Marketplace as well -> See the Screenshot 1
  6. Authorize Nembol and click on Confirm -> See the Screenshot 2
  7. Once you clicked “Confirm”, you will be taken back to Nembol and the Amazon settings will open. Let’s setup now!

Screenshot 1: Within Seller Central, please select the correct Merchant, if you have more than one, and the correct Marketplace

Screenshot 2: Authorize Nembol to access and view some of the information within your Amazon Pro Seller account

Amazon settings within Nembol - setup guide

Amazon settings within Nembol

Screenshot 3: How Amazon settings look like inside Nembol. Take five minutes to go through them and set

Quantity sync from Amazon

Turn it “ON” if you wish to receive stock updates from Amazon.

With this setup, when you get an order in Amazon, this order will be communicated to Nembol, and your quantity will be accordingly updated in Nembol, and from Nembol to your other connected channels.

Turn it “OFF” if you don’t wish to receive stock updates from Amazon upon the sale.

Please note that no manual, nor automated stock edits within Amazon will come over to Nembol. The quantity in Nembol is changed only when you receive orders.

Edit from Nembol

Turn it “ON” if you wish to edit your listings details from Nembol centrally, and have those edits syndicated to your corresponding Amazon listings.

With this setup when you edit a listing in Nembol: change description, edit title, tags, or pictures, and click save, those edits will update your Amazon listing.

Turn it “OFF” if you don’t wish to update your Amazon listings from Nembol.

Please note that Amazon runs on content centralized for all sellers. Therefore your content update to Amazon will run through a review, by Amazon. Very few sellers own their product content in Amazon, so do not be surprised if your product edits do not go through, in fact.

List to Amazon

At this time, you can list to Amazon only products that are already inside Amazon Catalog. In fact, before being associated to a given seller’s catalog, products must be received, reviewed, and assigned to a category by Amazon.

If your products are instead new to Amazon, you can’t list them with Nembol.

To use Nembol multichannel functions, you have to create them within your Amazon Seller Central, then import them inside Nembol to sync with other channels, edit them, and manage them.

You know if a product is new or exists inside Amazon catalog, by searching for it by GTIN (i.e. UPC, ISBN, or EAN barcode) within Seller Central.

If your products exist inside Amazon Catalog, you’re almost ready to go. Let’s setup a couple of things more:

  1. Select the Shipping Template. Leave the field blank and Nembol will list your products using the Default Shipping Template defined inside your Amazon Seller Central. If you otherwise wish to use a specific Shipping Template, type in the field its exact name. Best if you copy-paste it from your Seller Central account. Make sure the name in Amazon and Nembol are identical, otherwise listing will return an error. Once chosen, the Shipping Template will be applied to your next listings. Any change you make now won’t affect your previous listings.
  2. Set condition. Set which condition you wish to list on Amazon: new, used, or others from the list
  3. Set pricing rules. Choose whether to apply the Pricing rules to your Amazon listings. Read here how to use Pricing rules ->
  4. Choose marketplace. Set the marketplace where you wish to list your products. 
  5. Save changes, you’re ready to go!

Import from Amazon

You can choose from which Marketplace you wish to import your Amazon listings into Nembol, and then list them on multiple channels: eBay, Shopify, Etsy, WooCommerce, Meta, and other supported channels.

Please note that FBA products within your Amazon Pro seller account will come into Nembol with stock =0. In fact Nembol does not import orders inside Amazon, therefore Nembol is not a tool to prompt shipment from FBA, therefore it should not and does not, work with FBA inventory. 

Screenshot 4: Import from Amazon settings inside Nembol

Currently Nembol offers no import filters for Amazon. Therefore, when you click "Get products" Nembol will import ALL the products you have in your Amazon, including sold-out and inactive items.