One offering must have quantity greater than 0

Complete error descriptions: One offering must-have quantity greater than 0. You can’t publish a product with a quantity equal to zero.

On Etsy, it’s not allowed to publish products with zero quantity.

Change the product’s quantity to a positive number and try again.


Cause 1

Sometimes if you have a product with variations, Etsy will block the publishing if your first variation is sold-out. To sort this out, change the quantity and retry the publication. 


Cause 2

This error might occur when one of your products sells out on another connected channel. Instead of being put “sold out” on Etsy too, the product still shows a positive quantity, and there’s an error alert sign next to it on Nembol.

You can prevent this error from happening by going to your Etsy account and changing the settings as follows:

  • Go to

  • Access your Shop Manager

  • Settings

  • Options

  • Scroll down to the end and set the Sold Listing option to “Sure, show them“.

This will allow Nembol to move sold out items to the Inactive section, waiting to be deleted (for unique pieces) or restocked (with Nembol).