My inactive Etsy variations have been imported/listed on channels

Updated on May 30, 2024

Full error name: “inactive variations”; “invisible variations”; “deactivated variations


While importing listings from Etsy to Nembol, inactive variations get imported.

Therefore, if products get listed on channels, the variations will be published as active and be purchasable.

If you have listed products with variations on Etsy and decided to deactivate some of your variations, after a sale or an edit, the inactive variants are automatically activated and purchasable.


Instead of deactivating variations, the best way would be just to put 0 as the quantity for the variations that are not available.

In this way, you’ll be able to list products, and have the inventory in sync.

As soon as you’ll need to sell one of the variations that have stock = 0, you’ll need to raise the quantity of the corresponding variation on Nembol or one of your connected channels (it depends on the settings you decide to use).

In this way, you’ll easily make available certain variations, and put unavailable the ones you don’t supply at that moment.

On the basis of the chosen settings, product updates can be done once for all your channels. So you can bulk edit product content, stock, price, etc. with a single click.

In this regard, here are some recommended tutorials: