How to use Easy Website

Easy Website launch checklist

This eCommerce Website needs only a few clicks and information to be set up at best, but you can skip any to be faster and lighter and Easy Website will work just fine, although less refined.

Here is how to proceed:

1. Access the Nembol app, and click on “Easy Website” in the left menu

2. Add the required Info to set your e-commerce Website ON

3. Scroll down to the “General Information” field to choose a custom email address to associate with our Easy Website

easy website 1

4. Connect Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter to improve your social selling strategy

5. Type your business telephone number to connect to WhatsApp and Telegram, and start your Chat Commerce business

easy website 2

6. Customize the look and feel of Easy Website, adding your logo, header picture, your business history/details, and, once ready, let your multichannel products flow in!

easy website 3

Follow this video guide and set up your easy website in 5 minutes.