Transfer orders


How to transfer orders to Shopify

To use the “Transfer orders to Shopify”, all you need to do is to activate the function in the Shopify settings.

To do so:

  1. Access the Channels tab in Nembol
  2. Click on “Settings” next to Shopify icon
  3. Switch the “Transfer orders to Shopify” ON
  4. Save  changes

To deactivate the “Transfer Orders”, just switch it OFF.

shopify transfer orders

Please note: as of April 2023, single orders with different products (or different variations of the same product) will be inserted as different orders in Shopify. Please remember to check the shipping information in Shopify before fulfilling it.

How to transfer orders channel by channel

Import Amazon orders to Shopify

With Nembol you can start selling on Amazon with Shopify, and collect all your Amazon orders into Shopify, having everything at your fingertips.

To use the Transfer Order function, all you need to do is:

  1. Make sure you have matching SKUs for the products listed on both Amazon and Shopify
  2. Access Channels tab in Nembol
  3. Click on the Amazon settings
  4. Switch ON the Quantity sync function
  5. Save changes

As of April 20.2023, Nembol doesn't manage Amazon FBA product stock.

Import Etsy orders to Shopify

Once activated the Order Transfer function from the Shopify settings, ensure:

  • That both Etsy and Shopify are connected the whole time to Nembol
  • That the products are listed in both Shopify and Etsy and are connected to Nembol (i.e. listed with Nembol, imported in Nembol, or linked by Nembol across the two channels).

After checking these product aspects, Activate the Quantity Sync from Etsy in this way:

  1. Go to Channels tab
  2. Open the Etsy settings
  3. Switch the “Quantity sync” ON
  4. Save changes

Now, every time you get an order on Etsy it will be automatically transferred into Shopify.

Import eBay orders to Shopify

To transfer your eBay orders into Shopify, check on your products to ensure they are correctly listed and linked both on eBay and Shopify and:

  1. Access Channels tab
  2. Open eBay settings
  3. Turn the “Quantity sync ON”
  4. Save changes

Import WooCommerce orders to Shopify

As for the other channels, even for WooCommerce the key prerequisite to sync orders is to have the same SKUs for matching products.

To transfer the orders you got on WooCommerce into your Shopify store, all you need to do is:

  1. Go to your Channels tab in Nembol
  2. Open the WooCommerce settings
  3. Turn the “Quantity sync” ON
  4. Save changes