Can’t delete or add variations

Complete error description: you have added or removed variations from Etsy. Now, you are clicking on “get products”, but Nembol is not importing these updates.

Cause 1

You did not turn ON the “Import updates” for this Etsy channel.

  1. Access the Channels Tab.

  2. Open Etsy’s settings.

  3. Expand the Import from Etsy section.

  4. Turn ON the “Import updates” function.

  5. Save.

Cause 2

You are using a pricing rule for Etsy.

If you have a pricing rule active on Etsy, Nembol will not update any information regarding variations.



Turn OFF the pricing rule and import from Etsy to update your listings.

Alternative solution

If none of the above works, use the CSV editor to add/delete variations on Nembol directly. Nembol will take care of syncing these updates to other channels.

Keep in mind that some channels (eBay) don’t allow to add or delete variations.