You exceed the number of items and amount you can list

Complete error message: “This listing would cause you to exceed the number of items and amount you can list. You can list up to *** more items and $**** more in total sales this month. Please consider reducing the quantity and Buy It Now price or request to list more” ErrorCode: 21919188.


The “exceed” error from eBay happens when a user lists so many items at such a price that if all were sold, this would cause the user to gain a $ amount beyond a given limit imposed by eBay (to protect buyers). This limit is raised when your eBay seller account gets more feedbacks or more trust from eBay.

Here you can ask to raise the limits.



Use the Limit Inventory Quantity function

The immediate solution for you is to publish fewer items or reduce their price. If you can’t go with these solutions, use the Limit Inventory Quantity function.

When you activate this function, Nembol publishes your products with a reduced quantity (e.g. 5 instead of 1503). This way, you will have enough space for more – if not all – your listings.

Be aware that, when this function is active, your eBay items won’t sell out early, as Nembol restocks them as soon as you sell, until you run out of stock.


How to activate the Limit Inventory Quantity function

  1. Access the Channels Tab.

  2. Open eBay’s settings.

  3. Expand the List to eBay section.

  4. Turn on the “Limit Inventory Quantity” function.

  5. Type in your max inventory quantity (i.e. per variation).

  6. Save.

We suggest keeping it as low as possible (2 to 4, but not 1, to avoid restocking issues).