This item is unavailable

Complete error message: Sorry, this item is unavailable.


Nembol is stating that you successfully published an item, but when you click on the eye icon, you can’t find it. You see this error message instead: “Sorry, this item is unavailable.”

Your item is indeed listed on Etsy, but it’s in the draft folder.

If you listed to Etsy using Nembol for the first time, for sure your products are in the Draft folder.

As default, Nembol lists the items on Etsy as Drafts, so that you don’t have to pay straight away for listing active products.

How to list products as active

You can publish your items as active. Do the following:

  • Access the Channels Tab.

  • Open Etsy’s settings.

  • Expand the List to Etsy section.

  • Turn on the “Publish as Active” function.

  • Save.