You can sync only quantity and keep the other aspects of Product content independent. Here is how:

  • Switch the “Quantity sync” ON in the settings of the channels to keep stock quantity in Sync. 

  • Switch the “Edit from Nembol” OFF in the settings of the channel to keep product content independent.

Some platforms, for example, Google drive images don’t return the photos, even if the link is shared with everyone. 

Solution: Make sure the host of your images provided an open access.

Nembol “Get products” will not create duplicates in your Nembol account. Nembol will only import items which are not in Nembol.

If you run the import twice, Nembol will get:

  • New items in the source channel.
  • Old items in the source channel, which have been deleted from Nembol.

The above is designed so as to enable users to correct items in the source channel and import them again.

When you need to change the quantity, you should decide where to make your changes and set the settings accordingly.

We suggest the following combination of settings to avoid Nembol and Shopify overwriting each other:

Option 1: Make your edits in Nembol:

  • Edit from Shopify OFF
  • Edit from Nembol to Shopify ON
  • Edit from Nembol to Etsy ON
  • Edit from Nembol to eBay ON

Option 2: Make your edits in Shopify:

  • Edit from Shopify ON
  • Edit from Nembol to Shopify OFF
  • Edit from Nembol to Etsy ON
  • Edit from Nembol to eBay ON
  • The SYNC function. Available on all plans. Designed to keep aligned the quantities of your products. Allows aligning the stock of products both listed via Nembol, and imported + LINKED.
  • The LINK function. Available on Pro and higher plans. Allows you to recognize and connect products that are already listed on your channels by their SKU codes.

If you already have the same product listed on multiple channels, by running an import from all your channels, Nembol will recognize and link products by their SKU code. Once products are linked, the system can be able to sync their inventory across all the channels.

Currently, the link is automatically generated based on your source store.

Source store is the channel you run your first import from. 

For example, if you import a product from eBay, the link will point to eBay when you list it on Pinterest or Facebook. The same is true for Etsy and other channels.

Unfortunately, there is no way to manually pick a link at this time.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to change the email address associated with your Nembol account. The only way to do this would be to:

  1. Download the Nembol app from the Shopify app store using the correct email address.
  2. Create a new account directly from Nembol using the email address you want to switch to.

To change your password, please:

  1. Log out of Nembol on https://app.nembol.com
  2. Click the Forgot password button in the Login panel.
  3. Enter your email address and click Send.
  4. Check your email for a message from Nembol with a Reset password link.
  5. Click the link and follow the instructions to reset your password.

Nembol currently does not associate a picture with a specific product variant.

Let’s say your product on Shopify has 3 variants with 3 pictures, Nembol will pull the 3 pictures, but it will not associate them to variation.

After publishing on Etsy or eBay (or any channels that support pictures per variants), the 3 variation pictures will be published as general product pictures.

Nembol is no-currency, but with Nembol you can have different prices per channel, and this feature is used by many sellers to convert prices of listed products across channels.

To do it, please:

  • Use the “Price adjust” command in the destination channel “List to” settings in Nembol and define a % increase or decrease in price as needed, given the approximate exchange rate.
  • You can also set Nembol also to round your prices at the nearest .99, so that you will not have ugly broken prices after conversion.

This method is better than a price converter because, with it, prices on the destination channel do not change every time the exchange rate changes (which would happen daily, confusing your customers and your own marketing).

With Nembol Price Adjust, prices on the destination channel will in fact change every time you edit them in Nembol or on the source channel if Etsy or Shopify.

Please test with one product first, to make sure you got the conversion % right! 🙂

At this stage, Nembol doesn’t manage eBay item specifics, however, you can bulk-add them directly on eBay after listing your products with Nembol.

Please read here more ->

We are sorry to hear that your Etsy account has been suspended. We are a listing software for multichannel retailers, and we do not have any information about your suspension. We also cannot offer support on behalf of Etsy.

We suggest that you contact Etsy directly to inquire about the reason for your suspension. They will be able to provide you with more information and help you resolve the issue.

As a listing software, the only thing we can do is export your listings and upload them to a new Etsy account or help you recover your old listings to start with a new store on a different marketplace.

However, it is important to note that we cannot prevent or overcome any channel action. This means that if the channel where you were suspended detects the new account, there is a chance that the new account could be suspended again.