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  • Switch the quantity sync function ON in the setting of the channels you want to sync

  • Switch the edit from Nembol OFF in the settings of the channel you want to keep indipendend in terms of content

Nembol currently does not associate a picture with a specific product variant.

  • This means that if on Shopify a product has 3 variants with 3 pictures, Nembol will pull the 3 pictures, but it will not associate them to each of the 3 variations.
  • The result while publishing on Etsy is that the 3 variation pictures you have on Shopify will be published as general product pictures.

The picture per variant feature will be released in conjunction with the new UI (currently planned for March 2023).

Stay tuned!

Some platforms, for example, Google drive images don’t return the photos, even if the link is shared with everyone. 

  • Go in the “Import from Shopify” settings in the Shopify tab inside Nembol
  • Pick your preferred collection
  • Click on “get products”, and you’re done!

Nembol “Get products” will not create duplicates in your Nembol account: it will take only items which are not in Nembol.

Therefore it will get:

  • New items in the source channel
  • Old items in the source channel, which have in the meantime been deleted from Nembol (hence from Nembol point of view are “new”)

The above is designed so as to enable users to correct items in the source channel and import them again.

When you need to change the quantity, you should decide where to make your changes and set the settings accordingly.

We suggest the following combination of settings to avoid Nembol and Shopify overwriting each other:

Option 1: you want to make your edits in Nembol:

  • Edit from Shopify OFF
  • Edit from Nembol to Shopify ON
  • Edit from Nembol to Etsy ON
  • Edit from Nembol to eBay ON

Option 2: you want to make your edits in Shopify:

  • Edit from Shopify ON
  • Edit from Nembol to Shopify OFF
  • Edit from Nembol to Etsy ON
  • Edit from Nembol to eBay ON

Please note: edit may take up to a few minutes to pass across channels.

  • The SYNC function, which is available on all plans, helps keep aligned the quantities of your products. This inventory sync function allows aligning the stock of products both listed via Nembol and imported and LINKED.
  • The LINK function, available on Pro and higher plans, allows you to recognize and connect products that are already listed on your channels by their SKU codes.

This means that: if you already have the same product listed on multiple channels, by running an import from all your channels, Nembol will recognize and link products by their SKU code. Once products are linked, the system can be able to sync their inventory across all the channels.

At the moment, Nembol is not provided with a manual link function.We have this function in our development pipeline and we will release it soon!

However, at the moment, to correctly link your products you need to have:

  • Consistent variations and SKUs across your platforms
  • Same set and combination of all the variation values

There are two ways in which it can be done!

Option 1

  • You delist those products on your other channels
  • You select them in the product tab > Action > Export CSV
  • Afterward, delete the products from Nembol and on your source channel (if you don’t need them anymore)
  • Uploaded the CSV file > the product will be imported in Nembol and won’t be related to your source channel anymore
  • List them back to other channels

Option 2

  • You delist those products on your other channels
  • You select them in the product tab > Action > duplicate (this will create a copy of your listings in Nembol)
  • Delete the products from Nembol and on your source channel (if you don’t need them anymore)
  • Publish the duplicated products on your other channels

Nembol doesn’t fully support multiple locations on Shopify accounts, meaning it cannot sync products with the same SKUs stocked on multiple Shopify location warehouses.

When Nembol detects a product with the same SKU in more than 1 Shopify location, it stops syncing that product to avoid risks of sync faults and displays the error for that product.

The only way to sync even these products would be by removing redundant locations that are no longer needed or that have been generated as a test.

  • To do so, you need to access your Shopify backend > click on settings > locations > select the locations you don’t need anymore > scroll down to the “deactivate location” button (screenshot below).

Once done, the sync will pick up where it left off for every product.

To find your eBay business policies:

  • access to your Account Settings (on the high left corner of the page).
  • in the Selling link list > pick “Business Policies” to access your policies backend.