Quantity bulk edit

How to use Nembol's Quantity Bulk edit function?

  1. Select a bunch of products you want to change the quantity of.

  2. Click on the Actions button in the top-right corner (see screenshot below)

  3. Select Quantity Bulk Edit.

  4. Type in a number of your choice.

  5. Save.

Nembol will change the quantity to the number you’ve chosen. If the product has variations, Nembol will change each variation.

The new inventory count will be updated on all your channels. This process may take some time, up to a few minutes, depending on how many products you have selected, the current server traffic, and the channel (Amazon is usually the slowest).

This function is especially useful when you quickly need to restock items on multiple channels.

quantity bulk edit

You can bulk edit inventory count of your eBay, Shopify, Amazon products before listing to Etsy.

quantity bulk edit how