How to delist products on Nembol

How to delist products?

Follow this steps in order to delist:

  • Select the products in bulk

  • Chose Delist from the Actions menu

  • Select all channels and click delist. This will not delist them from the channel or channels from which you imported them.

Important things to note:

  1. You have to be logged into a channel with Nembol to be able to successfully delist products from it, with the account on that channel that you used to list. See the screenshot attached.

  2. If you are logged in to a channel and still can’t delist, it may be because your tokens are old, or because you used different users on the same channel and are now logged in with the wrong one.

Solution: in both cases, the solution is to log out from that channel in Nembol and log in again, paying attention to using the correct user.

how to delist on nembol