Bulk editor

What is Bulk editor? Nembol lets you easily edit your products centrally for all your sales channels. When editing any listing detail on Nembol, they will be updated automatically on all connected channels.No more editing listings one by one, no more delist-edit-relist processes, no more wasted time, no more errors, or double listing fees. Nembol …

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Listing software

How does it work? Nembol is a cloud-based listing software that allows you to extract products from your channels and list them in bulk on up to 14 other channels. Find out the channels Nembol integrates with. How to start? 1. Connect your Channels. Easily connect your accounts to Nembol with a few clicks. 2. …

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Inventory sync

Sync your Inventory across Multiple Channels Nembol can sync your inventory across 5 different channels:Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Shopify and WooCommerce. Automatically Sync your Inventory upon Orders Every time you get an order in one of your channels, Nembol automatically syncs quantities across your connected marketplaces and e-commerce carts. Choose where to Sync Quantities You can …

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How many stores can I connect?

With Nembol you can connect: 2 Etsy 2 Shopify 2 eBay You can use it to: Transfer listings from one store to another Connect existing listings. Sync product quantities across those accounts. How to connect? To access this feature, you need to connect to Nembol your first account, then refresh the Channels page in Nembol …

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Social media integrations

Which social media and platforms Nembol integrate with Haven’t found the channels you were looking for? Write to us and tell us what channel, platform, or social media you would like Nembol to connect to?

Integration list

Nembol connects with the following channels Haven’t found the channel you are looking for? Write to us and tell us which channels you want Nembol to integrate.

Coupon: how to redeem it

To use your coupon follow these steps: Go to the Nembol subscription tab Paste the code in the coupon field The discount will be applied and will activate from the next month 

Product deletion after cancelling

What happens when you cancel the subscription? Usually, stopping the subscription causes your account to be closed. As a consequence, our bots automatically delete all your data, any time after your account has been canceled. But your subscription could have been stopped for any reason: you need time to organize your store, you’re taking a …

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How does the trial work

How the free trial works? Nembol provides a renewable 14-day free trial period. During Nembol free trial you have unlimited access to all the Nembol features. The only limit it’s on the number of listings you can publish on channels: you can list up to 10 listings per channel. This limit has been designed also to test …

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