The login failed, what should I do?

Complete error description: “The login failed” Cause Sometimes, the connection between Nembol and WooCommerce keeps failing because there are block functions active on your Woo website, which rejects the connection with Nembol as a third-party app. Solution In this case, you should: Turn OFF your Anti-spam filters. Switch OFF the WooCommerce firewall, and retry with …

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Channel function setup: WooCommerce

WooCommerce settings in Nembol You will access WooCommerce settings in Nembol at the end of your login process, or anytime you want by clicking the grey gear icon in the WooCommerce’s channel bar. You can set: Quantity sync settings, Publish settings, Import settings. Flag quantity sync “on”, if you want sales in WooCommerce to update …

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How to log in Learn how to log in into WooCommerce using Nembol Channel function setup Discover all the WooCommerce channel setup functions

Problems saving pictures in WooCommerce

Complete error description: “Problems saving pictures in WooCommerce” Cause Some of our users encountered issues with publishing photos. Solution Nembol currently does not modify your photo format, therefore verify that your original pictures comply with the picture formats you set in your WordPress account at /woocommerce/wp-admin/options-media.php (screenshot below). Also, some users had issues with their …

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Error: Error getting remote image. Unrecognized encoding type

Complete error description: “Error getting remote image.Error: cURL error 61: Unrecognized content encoding type. libcurl understands deflate, gzip content encodings.” Cause If you get this error every time you try to push a listing to WooCommerce, this means that your WooCommerce can’t read the encoding type of the pictures you uploaded to Nembol. Solution 1 …

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Duplicated description in Nembol

Complete error description:  Product descriptions appear duplicated in Nembol and in connected channels Cause  WooCommerce is one of the few e-commerce channels that still have a short description and a long descriptions field. Solution Nembol takes both description fields and copies them in the unique “description” field in Nembol. This description field in Nembol contains …

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