I don’t see all my shipping profiles

Complete error description: “I don’t see all my shipping profiles in Nembol Etsy settings”


Nembol will upload only the “non-calculated” shipping profiles. This is because you are free to publish products on Etsy, via Nembol, without weight or package size. For this reason, we don’t allow you to choose a “calculated” shipping profile: it would not work. Of course, you are free to publish your products on Etsy via Nembol, and then add weight or dimensions to them inside Etsy, and apply to them calculated shipping.


Nembol will create for you a new shipping profile on Etsy. If you want, this can be your default shipping profile for products published via Nembol. You can both edit this profile, or you can select a different one in Nembol, or later in Etsy.

Calculated shipping profiles are not imported in Nembol, because they would not work with our simplified product card with no weight and no dimensions. 

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