How to sync inventory and keep differentiated content

How to sync inventory and keep differentiated content

The advantages for online sellers like you are paramount. Let’s see them:

  • Sellers already having hundreds or thousands of listings on some channel, do not need to relist. This is extremely advantageous on eBay, Amazon, and Etsy, where relisting would mean additional listing fees and losing seller history and product feedback.

  • Sellers having optimized titles, tags, or descriptions per channel can keep them independent across channels. Just turn “Off” the switch “Edit from Nembol” in each channel’s settings (Screenshot 2 below), and the content will stay untouched. Turn it “On” if otherwise, you wish to progressively have all content identical.

  • Nembol will link only products with exactly the same SKU codes across all variations and will return you a file with all exceptions. The products must have the same number of variations. This, if you like, is a fantastic way to progressively fix SKU code errors you may have accumulated in years.

optimized titles and describtions