What is Easy Website

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Easy Website: an overview

Easy Website is the super easy e-commerce website generator, which automatically pulls and aggregates all the products that a user has in Nembol. Products are collected and showcased in a custom website designed to be simple, effective, and intuitive! 

Easy Website solution is an e-commerce website solution free for all Nembol plans.

At this stage, Easy Website is not provided with a built-in cart, meaning that to finalize the purchase customers can:

  • redirected to the channel where the product is listed.
  • Pay through the built-in PayPal checkout
  • Or they'll chat with you and agree for an off-line payment (chat commerce).
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  • Easy Website setup

     Connect Easy Website to your custom domain.

    For sellers who already own a custom domain, it is possible to connect the domain.

    To do so, you need to:

    1. Access Nembol Easy Website
    2. Turn “On” your Easy Website (if you haven’t done yet)
    3. Scroll down to “Custom Domain”
    4. Change the following records Point the A record to Easy Website IP address: (if needed, change the Host name to the @ symbol)
    5. Delete any other A records on the domain if there are any present
    6. Point the CNAME record with the name “www” mynembol.com

    Have a new website in 5 minutes

    To customize your Easy Website, add:

    • The name of the store
    • A brief description of your brand 
    • the URL images of your logo and header
    • You can also place Google a map if you have a physical store.

    Collect your imported multichannel products

    Your eCommerce Website will automatically feature all products you have in Nembol, filtered into your own categories, and linked to each channel where you’ve listed each of them. 

    Sell on WhatsApp and Telegram

    If you’re interested in chat selling, you can connect your WhatsApp or Telegram business account. engaging in active and effective conversations with your customers.

    Connect PayPal to Easy Website

    To sell via PayPal, access Easy Website settings and:

    • Connect your PayPal account to your Easy Website
    • You will be prompted via email by PayPal when you receive a payment
    • You will see order details inside your PayPal account after a customer paid you
    • All orders will also be shown in the Orders tab inside your Nembol account, and inventory will be synced by Nembol across channels according to your channel settings in Nembol
    • If you have the function “Transfer orders to Shopify” ON, Easy Website orders will also be transferred to Shopify.